Premium Equestrian Retailer, The Drillshed, introduces the Equestic SaddleClip to the UK.

We are proud to welcome The Drillshed as our exclusive UK retailer, helping us to revolutionise daily training for UK riders at every level.

“We’re very excited to be the UK exclusive retailer for Equestic. Being a company built on hi-tech technology and finding the best kit for sport, this SaddleClip is a very exciting edition to our product portfolio. Our team have been using the SaddleClip in their dressage training and it’s proving very popular! The app itself tracks a huge amount of data and therefore gives you more insight into horse movement and training than anything else we’ve seen on the market”.

CEO of The Drillshed, Ian Homan.

Equestic Saddleclip helps you to train your horse to become a “Happy Athlete” and raise your own awareness of the progress you have both made.

Equestic Saddleclip will be available from October 1st 2018 from