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EQ|club is the loyalty program for active Equestic SaddleClip users. It designed to provide additional benefits and expand the value of Equestic SaddleClip for active program members.

EQ|strides are loyalty program points which will be awarded to active members.

How it works


How to qualify for the EQ|club?


by achieving results and challenges


Convert your EQ|strides into cool rewards

How to join?

This program is still in test and participation is on invite only for now 

Membership is free

for all Equestic SaddleClip users meeting the following criteria:

  • Be a registered user of the Equestic SaddleClip Application
  • Have an active Pro/x subscription (or it’s preceding Advanced/x subscription) for the Equestic SaddleClip Application
  • Record at least 25 valid rides during the past 3 months of using the Equestic App. 
  • Accept the Equestic Club Terms and Conditions and subscribe to the Program

Once you meet these requirements, you will be invited to join the program.

This program is still in test participation is on invite only for now

How to earn?

Refer a friend

Advise a friend to buy a SaddleClip with 10% discount from your membership code. Earn EQ|strides each time someone shops with your membership code in our shop.

1500 EQ|strides

Perfect Symmetry

Ride your horse with near perfect symmetry – all measures: Rhythm, Landing and Push-off have less than 3% asymmetry for 5+ min trot

100 EQ|strides each time

Improve symmetry trend by 3%

Improve the symmetry trend over 10 rides by at least 3% for any measure: Rhythm, Landing or Push-off

50 EQ|strides each time

3 rides per week

Earn EQ|strides each time you do 3 rides in one week with the same horse

10 EQ|strides

Post on Social media

Post your riding story on Instagram and Facebook telling the world about your achievements and challenges. Tag it with @Equestic and we’ll reward you with EQ|strides.

10 EQ|strides per post

EQ|promo master

Get extra EQ|strides if you made 5 posts on your Instagram or Facebook page with hashtag #Equestic during one month

30 EQ|strides 

What to earn?

One month subscription for Free

Only available for users on an annual subscription. Your current active annual Equestic subscription will be extended for one month for free.

EQ|strides dependent on your subscription. 

Custom insights

For 1 month, receive a weekly e-mail with extra insights about your ride data and trends. A perfect addition if you feel you don’t get everything out of your data right now.

500 EQ|strides

Data analyst call

Book a personal online consultation with an Equestic Data Analyst for deep data analysis and insights from recorded rides or Q&A by specified questions.

10.000 EQ|strides


on Instagram or Facebook

One post about you and your horse on Equestic Instagram and Facebook channels:
your challenge/success/ideas
your picture branded with Equestic frame

300 EQ|strides


spotlight in Equestic App

One day story blog-post about you and your horse published for all Equestic App users:
your challenge / issues
your capabilities / achievements
your ideas on training

Perfect for trainers that want to tell their story.

500 EQ|strides

and more to come…

We are working on some very interesting partners and trainers for additional benefits.

Watch this space for more info soon!