Equine Motion Sensor

for detailed analisis

of your traning

The Equestic SaddleClip

is an equine motion sensor which is attached to your saddle and records all of the horse’s movements during your trainings.

The Equestic App

classifies the data and counts the time spent for a horse standing, walking, trotting, or cantering, and per each direction – on the left or right reins and the number of jumps.

Data is quickly analyzed

by artificially intelligent online service to get insights about rhythm, impulsion, and symmetry metrics of the ride.

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Key functions

of the Equestic SaddleClip sensor and Equestic App

Logbook – automatic log of date, time, duration, personal comments for each ride  
Time balance – measure the time for gaits on the left vs right reins or the time spent straight  
Transitions – track all transitions from halt to walk, all the up to canter, and back down  
Intensity – relative comparison of energy consumption between different rides  
Jumps – number of all jumps with a distinction by approach from the left and right  
Structure – visualization of training time spent by seconds on each rein  
Impulsion – measure of elevation force in walk|trot|canter with per second details  
Rhythm – clocking of steps per second and consistency measure in walk|trot|canter  
Symmetry – calculation of forces symmetry in landing, push-off, and rhythm cadence in trot  
Warnings – alert notifications of asymmetry patterns  
Benchmark – statistical reference of rhythm and impulsion by discipline and horse profile  
Insights – trend analysis of all measurements over the last 20 rides with deep insights  


Your horse’s time is running!

Train Effectively

Measure your training activity and see your horse’s progress on key indicators

Prevent Injury

Detect injury related changes in your horse’s movement before you even feel them

Monitor Rehab

Monitor your rehabilitation program to know if you are on the right track



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