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Monitor your training program and use the data collected by the Equestic SaddleClip to adapt your training routines. This data can be shared with your trainer, vet, farrier or the horse’s owner. As a team, decide on the best training regime for optimal performance and maximum horse welfare. The Equestic Saddleclip is simple to use. Just clip it on with one hand and off you go!

The analyses explained

Time spend on each rein

We track exactly how much time you’ve spend on the left or right rein. Because we do this in real time, you can keep track while riding and adjust your training if needed.

Gait analysis

We measure, in real time while riding, how much time you spend walking, trotting and cantering. Now you can make sure you meet your training goals and do what you set out to do.

Number of jumps

During a jumping training we keep track of the number of jumps you do and visualize how many you did from the left or right rein. Now you can make sure your training is balanced.


Each horse has it’s own optimal tempo. We all strive to find that and to get it as constant as possible. Equestic measures and analyzes tempo per gait (in BPM). You’ll get an insight into your horse’s base tempo and tempo variation.


The Equestic App gives you a clear overview of your training intensity per training. Decide on the best training regime for optimum performance and maximum horse welfare.


As your horse gets more collected, it will produce more upwards force leading to more elevation. Equestic analyses how this evolves over longer periods of time giving you a more precice objective insight.

Symmetry Analysis

The Equestic SaddleClip measures the symmetry of your horse in three different ways:

  • Timing difference based on foot-on and foot-off
  • Difference in push-off power
  • Difference in impact on landing

This gives much more insight into the symmetry and offers even more possibilities to consciously and effectively train your horse.

It will warn you if one diagonal gets weaker, or when your horse starts throwing itself on one side. Both are indicators of potential injuries or strain. The SaddleClip measures the smallest changes, long before we can feel them.

Why is symmetry so important?

Symmetry is a good indicator of straightness and well-being (physical condition) of the horse and has a great influence on the quality of training. More symmetry means:

  • Better rhythm
  • Healthier movement
  • Better performance in all disciplines
  • More print and thus a larger moment of suspension
  • The horse is better able to carry the rider and the rider can therefore sit more easily and better
  • Less riding problems, the horse can focus better and handle exercises better
  • Less stress and less chance of injuries in the horse

If the symmetry starts changing without any apparent reason, that’s usually an indicator something is going on. In the example shown the horse was actually developing a hoof ulcer. The SaddleClip detected that before the rider did. Even with a 10% difference, the horse still looked sound. 

How to use symmetry analysis?

Possible causes of deviation in the symmetry can be very diverse. The analysis of the SaddleClip show the facts, but are not a diagnosis of the cause. For that, it is wise to consult with an expert trainer. Possible causes can be:

  • Natural skewness horse / crooked horse
  • Hidden injuries or strain
  • Influence of the rider: Seat, leg, hand
  • Influence of tack: bad fitting or crooked saddle, bridle or bit

Which exercises or adjustments can be made to improve the symmetry depends on the possible causes and available solutions. Here too, we advise consultation with an expert trainer.

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