Happy Athlete

Your horse is an athlete too! The Equestic App on your phone gives you the insight you need to train your horse to be a happy athlete!

We welcome The Drillshed as our UK distributor!

Premium Equestrian Retailer, The Drillshed, introduces the Equestic SaddleClip to the UK. We are proud to welcome The Drillshed as our exclusive UK retailer, helping us to revolutionise daily training for UK riders at every level. “We’re very excited to be the UK...

New Symmetry Analysis

The Symmetry analysis of the Equestic SaddleClip have changed. From one symmetry measurement we went to three separate measurements. Read all about Symmetry for Tact, Push off and landing here!

Interviewed sponsor: EQUESTIC

We recently announced a number of new collaborations. We’re pleased to introduce our new sponsors to you. The first to speak is Equestic.
Equestic is one of the sponsors supporting the Bavaria 0.0 Eventing Team and Talent Plan. The Managing Director Leon Rutten explains why he chose Lips Stables and the plan. “The philosophy suits us well, and the sport is very important to me.”
Equestic is known for developing a technical masterpiece: the SaddleClip. It’s a futuristic little clip that attaches to the saddle and gathers training data. The information can then simply be read off in a mobile app. It’s a perfect tool to optimise training and even prevent injuries.
All members of the Bavaria 0.0 Eventing Team are now equipped with the SaddleClip. Equestic also offers financial support for the Talent Plan.
“The idea behind the plan is to teach riders to approach eventing with responsibility and enthusiasm. We like it a lot,” says Rutten.
“Eventing often relies on science. The riders are accustomed to working with measurements and diagrams because they have to train both conditioning and strength across disciplines. The SaddleClip is really well suited to this. Lips Stables and I also agree when it comes to riding. Performance is great, but the well-being of the horse is the most important thing. The Lips family has always been at the forefront of innovation. I enjoy working with people who dare to go a step further. And if I can help improve the sport that way, of course, I’ll take the opportunity.”
Would you like to know more about Equestic? Then take a look at their website: www.equestic.com