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Equestic SaddleClip

The Equestic SaddleClip is an extremely easy to use electronic sensor that measures and analyzes everything you train with your horse. The app on your phone tells you where you have improved and what areas need attention. It also has early warning systems for potential injuries.



In virtually all sports it’s common practice to use all kinds of sensors to objectively measure training intensity, progress and results.

In all of those sports, it has been proven that measuring and analyzing your training improves performance and reduces the risk of injuries.

So why should that be any different for our sport?

It was that reasoning that led us to develop the Equestic SaddleClip.

For the good of the horse

Each time we ride our horse, we have to trust them and they have to trust us. Riding is teamwork.

We try and feel what’s going on. Wouldn’t it be great to have that supported by professional diagnostics? Regardless if you’re a pro or an enthusiastic amateur, it will help you improve your feeling even further.

We feel progress only after significant improvements are achieved, we feel irregularities only when it’s often already too late.

The SaddleClip can measure and analyze the tiniest changes. It helps you check and develop your feeling.

How does that help you?


The Equestic SaddleClip measures your horses symmetry in takt, take off and landing. It will warn you if one diagonal gets weaker, or when your horse starts throwing itself on one side. Both are indicators of potential injuries or strain. The SaddleClip measures the smallest changes, long before we can feel them.


Whether you are a professional or an amateur, there is always room for improvement. The SaddleClip shows you how symmetric your horse is, how constant your rhythm is and how much impulsion your horse has. You will immediately see whether your training actually produces results. Even the tiniest bit. With the SaddleClip you can see exactly where there is the most room for improvement.


Riding is teamwork. Not only with your horse, but toghether with your trainer, fysio, vet, farrier as well. With the Equestic SaddleClip everyone in your team has the same objective information and analysis. Now you can truly work together as a team, for the optimal training of your horse.

Happy Athlete

Your horse will be gratefull for you monitoring and managing the training intensity. The symmetry indicators will tell you if your horse is sound. The gait and direction measurements will make you balance your training. That’s how you can make sure your horse is the happy athlete we all want! Perform with care, use the Equestic SaddleClip.

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