Help your horse

to be a healthy athlete!

Any ride you go on can build your horse up or break him down.

You as the rider, trainer or vet should know that…

You can be exceptional!

Only some people can feel the 1% deviation of symmetry, precisely track the time of each gait and rein, count all upward/downward transitions and jumps during a training session.

Now anyone can!

With the EQ-tech innovations all the above and much more have become possible to track and measure!

With the Equestic SaddleClip – the equine motion sensor any rider can become exceptional at feeling, reading and understanding of a horse movements.

You can level your performance by having insights from the Equestic App and detailed explanation emails with personalized horse motion guidance.

Also you are gonna have the automatic warnings and notifications of changes which may indicate a potential injury. 

Thousands of riders

All level riders from amateurs up to the top levels in all riding disciplines from 64 countries are excited by the SaddleClip’s ease of use, exceptional quality, and reliable support team.

We don’t want you to miss your next winning moment!

Your team effort and collected professional experience are incredibly important and innovative technologies are here to make each of you even more successful.

Every day matters.

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