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Jules Jansen interview – coaching with data

The interview features Jules Jansen, a notable dressage coach, rider, and judge, discussing his experience and use of the Equestic SaddleClip. Jules highlights the device’s utility in monitoring and improving horse performance by analyzing movement, rhythm, regularity, and power. He emphasizes its value in training, allowing for precise adjustments in training regimens and offering insights into the horse’s condition that might not be immediately apparent. Jules also addresses the recent acceptance of sensors in competitions by the FEI and USDF, suggesting it can provide additional insights and improve management during competitive seasons. Despite some reluctance from others in the industry towards technology, Jules advocates for its use to enhance understanding and care for the horse, combining traditional expertise with data-driven insights.

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Hi, I noticed you’re doing well with BillyBump

Explore the touching journey of Wendy and BillyBump, a testament to the unbreakable bond between horse and rider, enhanced by Equestic’s innovative technology. Join our community as we follow their story of resilience, share your own experiences, and celebrate the profound connections made possible through understanding and empathy. Discover the transformative power of Equestic in giving voice to our equine companions.

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