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As horse owners, trainers, and riders, we continuously seek effective ways to ensure our horses’ health, performance, and well-being.

Combining the Equiband Pro System with the Equestic SaddleClip offers a comprehensive approach to achieving these goals.

The Equiband Pro System enhances core strength and dynamic stability, while the Equestic SaddleClip provides detailed movement analysis, allowing for data-driven adjustments to training and rehabilitation programs.

Equiband Pro System:

  • Core Muscle Engagement: Promotes proper posture and strengthens core muscles.
  • Improved Stability: Enhances dynamic stability, preventing injuries and improving performance.
  • Versatility: Useful for rehabilitation, young horse training, and maintaining optimal posture in older horses.
About the Equiband Pro System
The Equiband Pro system, developed by Equicore Concepts, is a unique equine training and rehabilitation tool designed to enhance core strength and dynamic stability in horses. This system includes a specially designed saddle pad and two sets of resistance bands: shorter abdominal bands and longer hindquarter bands. These bands are made from latex-free rubber and are intended to activate the horse’s core muscles during various forms of exercise, such as in-hand work, lungeing, or riding.

The primary goal of the Equiband Pro system is to improve the horse’s posture and core strength, which can prevent back pain and enhance overall performance. It is particularly useful for horses in rehabilitation from injuries, young horses starting their training, and older horses needing to maintain optimal posture. The system stimulates the horse’s abdominal and hindquarter muscles, promoting better engagement and muscle development.

The system is backed by scientific research and is recommended by veterinarians, therapists, and trainers. Studies have shown that it can improve gait symmetry, enhance muscle activation, and aid in the recovery of horses with musculoskeletal issues such as kissing spines and after surgeries like colic surgery. It is available in various sizes to fit different breeds and types of horses, including Mini, Pony, Small, Regular, Large, and Western​ (EquiCore Concepts)​​​.

Equestic SaddleClip:

  • Real-Time Data: Monitors gait symmetry, transitions, and training balance.
  • Injury Prevention: Detects early signs of asymmetries or changes in movement that could indicate potential injuries.
  • Detailed Insights: Provides data on training effectiveness, helping to optimize training regimens.
About the Equestic SaddleClip
The Equestic SaddleClip is an advanced equine motion sensor designed to help riders monitor and improve their horse’s training and performance. This device attaches to the saddle and collects data on various aspects of the horse’s movement, which is then analyzed by the Equestic app.

The key features and benefits of the Equestic SaddleClip include:

Symmetry Analysis: The SaddleClip measures the symmetry of the horse’s movement in terms of push-off power, landing impact, and rhythm. This helps identify any asymmetry that could indicate potential injuries or training imbalances​ (About Equestic SaddleClip)​​.

Training Insights: It tracks the time spent on each rein, the number of transitions, and the number of jumps, providing a detailed breakdown of training sessions. This allows riders to adjust their training routines for better balance and efficiency​​.

Performance Monitoring: The device evaluates the rhythm, impulsion, and overall movement quality of the horse. It offers real-time feedback and long-term trends, helping riders optimize their horse’s performance and prevent injuries​.

Versatile Use: Suitable for various disciplines, including dressage, eventing, show jumping, and more. The device has been tested extensively to ensure it remains securely attached during all types of riding activities​.

Data Sharing: Riders can share the collected data with their trainers, vets, and other team members to collaboratively decide on the best training and rehabilitation strategies​​.

The Equestic SaddleClip is an award-winning product recognized for its contribution to equestrian training, and it is now permitted for use in FEI and USEF dressage competitions​ (FEI and USEF Dressage Rules 2023 update)​​.

Among the numerous stories shared by users we have found several cases benefiting from use of both tools in a comprehancive way.

Scenario A: Rehabilitation from Injury

Objective: To rehabilitate a horse recovering from an injury, ensuring balanced muscle development and monitoring progress.
  • Equiband Pro System: Use the abdominal and hindquarter bands to stimulate core muscle engagement and proper posture during exercise. This helps in rebuilding strength and stability, especially in horses recovering from conditions like kissing spines or colic surgery​ (Details about EquiCore Concepts)​​​.
  • Equestic SaddleClip: Attach the SaddleClip to monitor the horse’s movement symmetry, impulsion, and rhythm during rehabilitation exercises. The real-time data can help detect any deviations or signs of strain that may indicate the horse is compensating for pain or weakness​ (Monitor rehabilitation with Equestic)​​​.

Outcome: The Equiband Pro System aids in targeted muscle development and posture correction, while the SaddleClip provides detailed movement analysis, allowing for adjustments to be made to the rehabilitation program based on precise data.

Horse rehabilitation monitoring chart - Equestic SaddelClip

Real-life Example:

When my mare Bella was recovering from a tendon injury, we used the Equiband Pro System to ensure she was engaging her core correctly during her rehab exercises.

The Equestic SaddleClip data revealed that she was favoring her uninjured leg, allowing us to adjust her training regimen to promote balanced recovery.

Over several months, Bella’s symmetry improved significantly, which was evident in both the SaddleClip data and her more balanced movement under saddle.

(Note: Names have been changed for privacy.)

Scenario B: Performance Enhancement for Competitive Horses

Objective: To enhance the performance of a competitive horse, ensuring optimal muscle function and movement efficiency.
  • Equiband Pro System: Use the system during training sessions to promote dynamic stability and core strength. This helps in achieving better engagement of the hindquarters and more effective use of the back muscles​ ​ (Details about EquiCore Concepts)​​​.
  • Equestic SaddleClip: Use the SaddleClip to track and analyze the horse’s training sessions, focusing on parameters such as time spent on each rein, number of transitions, and intencity of training. The detailed insights help in fine-tuning the training regimen to address any weaknesses and enhance overall performance​ (Train more effectivelly with Equestic)​​.

Outcome: The combined use of both systems ensures that the horse is building the necessary muscle strength and stability while also providing the rider with data-driven insights to optimize training strategies.

Equestic Transitions chart
Real-life Example:

In preparing for a major dressage competition, I used the Equiband Pro System with my gelding, Max, to build his core strength and improve his hindquarter engagement.

The Equestic SaddleClip helped us monitor his workload and ensure we were balancing our training on both reins.

This combination not only improved Max’s performance but also gave us the confidence that we were training effectively and preventing potential injuries.

(Note: Names have been changed for privacy.)

Scenario C: Training Young Horses

Objective: To properly develop young horses for future competitive or recreational riding, ensuring balanced muscle development and correct movement patterns from the start.
  • Equiband Pro System: Introduce young horses to the system to encourage correct muscle use and posture during initial training phases. This foundational training helps prevent the development of poor movement habits​ (Details about EquiCore Concepts)​​​.
  • Equestic SaddleClip: Use the SaddleClip to track the horse’s progress, ensuring that the training is balanced and effective. Detailed data on gait, symmetry, and transitions helps in adjusting the training program to suit the developmental needs of the young horse​​ (Young horse training with Equestic)​​.

Outcome: The combined use of both systems ensures that young horses develop the necessary physical and movement skills correctly, setting them up for successful future training.

Equestic SaddleClip and EquibandPro System
Real-life Example:

Training my young filly, Star, with the Equiband Pro System helped her develop strong core muscles and proper posture right from the start.

The Equestic SaddleClip provided valuable insights into her training sessions, showing that we needed to spend more time on the right rein to balance her development.

This approach ensured that Star developed evenly and avoided the common pitfalls of young horse training.

(Note: Names have been changed for privacy.)

Scenario D: Regular Use with Preventive Monitoring

Objective: To maintain the horse’s health and performance, preventing injuries and ensuring balanced development.
  • Equiband Pro System: Regular use during low-intensity workouts helps maintain core muscle condition and correct posture, which is crucial for long-term health and injury prevention (Details about EquiCore Concepts)​​​.
  • Equestic SaddleClip: Continuous monitoring of the horse’s movement patterns allows for early detection of asymmetries or changes in gait that might indicate the onset of an injury or imbalance. This proactive approach helps in making timely adjustments to the training or healthcare regimen​ (Early warning for injuries)​​.
Outcome: By using both tools, riders can ensure their horses remain in optimal condition, with the Equiband Pro System maintaining physical health and the SaddleClip providing ongoing performance monitoring.
Horse motion asymmetry warnings - Equestic SaddleClip

Real-life Example:

With my older horse, Duke, I noticed through the Equestic SaddleClip that his left side was becoming slightly weaker.

By using the Equiband Pro System, we focused on exercises that specifically strengthened his core and hindquarters.

Over time, the data from the SaddleClip showed improvements in his symmetry, and Duke remained healthy and competitive in his senior years.

(Note: Names have been changed for privacy.)


By integrating the Equiband Pro System and the Equestic SaddleClip into your horse’s training and rehabilitation program, you achieve a holistic approach to equine health and performance.

The Equiband Pro System enhances physical development and stability, while the Equestic SaddleClip provides precise data for informed decision-making, ensuring optimal care and training outcomes.

Leon Rutten - Equestic Founder

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