Equestic, a company based in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, produces a smartwatch for horses. It can be used by riders to provide a detailed analysis of their training and to keep an eye on their horse’s health. Oost NL, a Topfonds Gelderland fund manager, is investing in Equestic to enable further growth.

The Equestic SaddleClip
Equestic has developed the SaddleClip, a training sensor that measures and analyses a horse and rider’s training. The SaddleClip provides insight into the training process and builds awareness in the rider. The data it provides can have a considerable impact at an early stage. The type and intensity of training can be adjusted quickly and in a target-oriented manner. The results: a horse that feels much better, does not suffer from any injuries, achieves better results and can perform at a higher level for a longer period of time. Data from the SaddleClip can be shared, for example, with a trainer, farrier or vet. The SaddleClip is easy to attach to the saddle and communicates with a smartphone app.

International growth and jobs
Leon Rutten, founder and manager of Equestic, wants to use the investment to grow the business: “This investment will enable us to hire the people we need to grow our business and to sell the Saddle Clip internationally.” The company will initially focus on ‘classic’ European equestrian countries, such as Germany and Great Britain. “At the moment, Equestic has just five employees. We expect to expand to eight employees this year and to grow to fourteen employees in 2019”, says Rutten.

Innovation in equestrian sports
According to Pieter Rhemrev, Capital Business Unit Manager at Oost NL, the SaddleClip fits perfectly in the trend of consumer wearables: “We are increasingly measuring, analysing and sharing our sports activities in our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Within a short period, Equestic has marketed a product that is unique in the world of equestrianism and works at the interface of high tech, agriculture and sports. With our investment, we are making this technological innovation accessible to everyone involved in equestrian sports, promoting international growth and generating jobs.” Oost NL is investing in Equestic together with two informal investors.

This innovative Equestic product recently won the online platform horses.nl’s award for “Best Equestrian Training Product of the Year” and has sealed a strategic partnership with the Dutch equestrian sports association Koninklijke Nederlandse Hippische Sportfederatie (KNHS).