What level is my horse?

The level of a horse is classified differently worldwide. Read the explanation per discipline and level below to ensure that you choose the right level.

We distinguish seven different disciplines (1)dressage, (2) showjumping, (3) eventing, (4)endurance, (5)reining, (6)Leisure, (7) other. Each discipline has their own ranking of levels, select your discipline below to see how levels are defined. .


The dressage levels are based on the exercises you and your horse can do.

Level 1: Beginner

Exercises: Working gaits and halt, few strides medium trot, 20 m circles

Level 2: Novice:

Exercises: Medium trot and canter, leg yield, rein back, 10 m circles.

Level 3: Medium

Exercises: Collected trot and canter, travers, shoulder-in, ½ turn on the haunches, counter canter

Level 4: Advanced

Exercises: Half-pass trot, half-pass canter and flying changes. Zig-zag half-pass trot, 8m circles

Level 5: Prix St George

Exercises: On the diagonal 7 flying changes of leg every 3rd stride and 4stride, Half pirouette

Level 6: Intermediar I and II

Exercises: On the diagonal 7 flying changes of leg every 2rd stride, On the diagonal 11 flying changes of leg every stride, Pirouettes , Passage and Piaffe

Level 7: Grand Prix

Exercises: Medium, Extended & Collected, Zig Zag Half Pass & Multiple Flying Lead 15 Changes Every 1-2 Strides, Pirouettes, Passage and Piaffe

Show Jumping

For jumping, the levels are based on the height of the jumps in meters in which you can do an entire course.


For eventing the levels are based on the height (in meters) of the jumps in the cross country.


For Endurance the levels are based on the length (in km) of the courses you do. 


For reining the levels are distinguished in novice, beginner, medium, advanced, high and top level.

Leisure and Other

For leisure and other we don’t use levels.