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Your horse is a sensitive animal. It deserves the best training possible. The Equestic SaddleClip is an ultra-precise equine motion sensor that gives a detailed analysis of your training. Now you can align a training plan to your horse’s parameters and measure progress.

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Quickly learn what Equestic can do for you and your horse.  

Train more effectively

Measure your training activity and see your horse’s progress on key indicators.

Early Warnings for injuries

Detect injury related changes in your horse’s movement patterns before you even feel them.

Monitor Rehab

Monitor your rehabilitation program to know if you are on the right track.

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It only takes 3 steps to start improving your horse training routine today

Step 1:
Get your SaddleClip

A high tech sensor that measures and analyzes all of your training sessions for all your horses.

Step 2:
Install the App

All your analyses are shown in easy to read graphs and show progress over longer periods of time.

Step 3:
Go ride!

Put the SaddleClip on your Saddle, press start and enjoy the ride! 

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