As a rider you’re always insecure about the best way to help your horse to return to work after an injury. 

Often a vet or physiotherapist provides you a rehab plan which you use to return your horse to work. But how do you know this rehab plan will be right for YOUR horse?⁣


Rehab plans are mostly generic.

That’s no problem if each horse can be trained the same way. However, that’s not the case. No horse is the same. The SaddleClip can help you in your horse’s rehabilitation process!

The SaddleClip helps you to control the rehabilitation.

Measurements in the past helped you to identify a deviation in the symmetry which led to the injury. Do measurements show again a deviation? You might want to go to quick or your horse has a relapse. Discuss the results with your vet or physiotherapist and adjust the rehab plan accordingly.⁣

To measure is to know!