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How to understand Symmetry – summary of practical webinar

Want to know how to assess the level of asymmetry of your horse? Why does asymmetry appear and why is it important to control? What do you do so that the movements of the horse become more symmetrical? And when do you call the veterinarian?About the Webinar Perhaps...

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Webinar: How to get your horse symmetrical

In cooperation with George WilliamsThis Webinar has already ended and you can no longer register. If you would like to be kept informed of future webinars, please fill out the form below.What to expect? During a ride you want your horse to bend to the left just as...

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Webinar November 18 2021

Webinar November 18, 2021
Join our Equestic webinar on How to Train Your Horse effectively with the Equestic SaddleClip.

Learn everything you need to know about data based training.

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